Great Design Website Elements

Portfolio/Work Section

I love the clean layout of his portfolio page. Each project has it’s own space dedicated to it. As you hover over the photo, you get an overview of who the project was for, but you are able to click on it, and it takes you to another page with more detailed information about the process.

I love the visual aspect of it. The layout is clean and gridded, and when you click on a portfolio piece, it expands below in a bubble, pushing the other line down. I want something like this for my website.

I like how he put his portfolio pieces into circles. It is a unique way to present his portfolio.

About Me Section

I love the design of the website and how everything floats in space. I like how in his About Me section, he included a link to his portfolio. The skill set chart on the side is nice too. In his background design, he also lists hobbies he has like “photography, drawing, dancing.”

I like how he has a “too long didn’t read” version in big letters, and in between that he has a normal about me section. 

Resume Section

She attached her resume to her website as a PDF. I like this better than prominently displaying a resume as a page on the website. I like the design, as it in in-sync with the design of her website.

The resume is very clean and even includes contact information and social media links.

Contact Info Section

Love how he evokes a peaceful feeling as you get to the last page of his website. By using a beach and sand effect, it is like he is telling you that if you choose him for a job, your mind will be at ease and you will be able to relax.

This guy doesn’t even have a contact page, his contact link just goes straight to an email bar. I think that’s pretty convenient to be honest.


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